Be careful with dust. .Its always beyond us. We can avoid it..everywhere we find it exactly. Especially on the dry season and on the lime land. Weather at the morning or the evening, we touch it. Dust make our body dirty and ill. Start from our clothes that we wear, our hair, face, eyes, until our leg. It look rumple. especially for our face. it looks black, smooth and not light.

It more important affected to our health, toward to our breath and nose. It make flu, and we can’t breath easily. It so disturb us. The other our voice is lost, it so difficult to speak. The ill continue to our body. It feel not fit, so can decrease our spirit to do activities. We want to sleep only.

Basically, there are many risks with dust.. so we must to avoid it. How to do it? There are some step to decrease this dust: Wear long clothes both trouser and Shirt, don’t forget to wear hat, glasses, and hand glove, Clean the hair, always clean the face with cleaner after have a long trip, and often take a bath.


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