City vS village

5 years ago, I lived in the village. For eighteen years I have been spent my life in the my small village in the Central Java. So I know all about this condition. That After I graduated from senior high school, I continue my study to Bali, paradise island. now, I am happy and comfortable at Bali, although in here so many complicated things, dangerous condition, traffic, pollution both air and water. I have completed my study for 4 years and I already found my sweet in Bali too, so it is the reason Why I still here until now.

Go back to the tittle above. according to the my life experience that I have, I can write, resume and conclude there are some differences between city and village.

1. Community

If I faced with 2 choosing between city and village for my life, exactly I choose Village, because at the village I can know all the community in one district, every time we can talk about every things at the rice field, mosque, yard, home and at the road if I meet with them. It means that village community still have a good communicate, responds, and care with their surrounding. And this condition is so different with in the city.

In the city, I can not make a friendship with my neighbor in one cost location. With my beside room, I don’t know well about them. I don’t know why? all of us have busy by ourself maybe, so we don’t have free time to talk self by self. I don’t know exactly. So, I think I don’t have many friends in the city. like this..We always think about how to get much money. just it.

2. Safety

It more safety at the village. I prove it by myself. There are so many accidents in the city, with narrow street faced by many kinds of vehicles. different to the village, the street is wide, with a little vehicle, it just cycles not motorcycles and no car, bus or truck. So the accident rate is low than city. In the village is safely and the life hope rate is long.

3. Nature

Talk about nature, all of us can divide between village’s nature and city’s nature. Village is more nature than city. Yes, of course. In the city is no land to be green town as town heart. The land is not enough for funeral place. All of it used to build factory, office, mall, hotel, great places without green town to prevent fresh air. They just think about how to get a lot of money. In the village is green, with fresh air and water, because the houses are little with bamboo wall, so many trees at the rice field. So all of tourists are interest to go to the nature village, example hill, mountain, small village, rice field, garden, sea, etc because they need good air and fine n nice scenery also and it is one of effort to avoid the city.

4. Facilitates

In the city almost the facilitates have already served at there, from mall until hotel, everything we can get it easily in the city. It near with our place. but in the village we need a long trip to get it.

5. Life style

Traditional life, ora neko-neko, opo anane, apa adanya, almost the village people’s characteristic. With their “gotong-royong” and solidarity. Till touch a timur costume, care their body and polite dress, and wear traditional costume. In the City’s community ,they must follow the trend of the costume/style.. with the foreign style, open dress, tank top, etc, mini clothes, etc.

6. Education grade

All people know that at the city has a complete facilities of study. Beside that, there are many kinds of school, start from kindergarten until university. we just choose what we want to be according to our talent. But we must think firstly before we have decision to choose this, because we need money to fulfill all materials that used in the study process.

Almost parent who live at village and care with education will be support their children to continue the study at city. At there the children will meet with different person, so it will add their knowledge, experience, skill, technology. At the village, the school still lack, with low facilities so the children can not improve and grow their talent, just stagnant. There are big differences between the children who study at the city and at the village faced with skill, attitude, experience, etc.

Although study at the city has much positive things, but still has a bad side, the interaction  of young, free life style, drug, etc. will make the children lost their study.

7. Solidarity

Talk about solidarity, It better if we live at the village, if we need things, our neighbor still have care  to help.. the community still have politeness  to other. And don’t hope if you at the city, we never find a person whom help without give regard like give them money for their serving. The condition of city make the citizen character. they must be compete  to get a  better life.  At the village all  the community  just enjoy, There is not competition. .

8. Road

There are many road in the city. It so wide and long.. with many kinds of vehicles. It so crowded.. never die in the road life from morning until morning day, whole day. At the village’s road just narrow with land road, has many stones and to be muddy if the rain season is make our vehicle is dirty and disturb our trip. so the differences between city and village is the cause of the crowded, city cause of many vehicle bur at the village cause of the road condition, muddy example.

9. Mortality Grade

With the high crowded at the road, it make the city has a high grate of mortality, Every time there are accidents on the road with serious broke. At the village the mortality grade is low, almost their old until 100 years.


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