Let’s leaRn aniMal

Hello…firsT meeTing GuY!

All of Us know what the meaning of Animal. Animal in Indonesia is mean Binatang.

There are some many kinds of animal in whole world.. with each characteristic. Basically the animal is similar with human. It need food, drink, depend their life, etc.

Animal kingdom divided into some classification.

1. Wild animal, binatang liar. All of them live in the juggle. And some of them live in the zoo (kebun binatang). For example: lion, tiger, snake, elephant, giraffes, crocodile, rhinoceros, etc

2. Tame animal, binatang jinak. All of them can be trained and obey our instruction. Example: chicken, cat, dog, rabbit, cow, buffalo, duck, goose, parrot, hen, cock, monkey, etc.

3. Pet animal, binatang peliharaan. all of them live in the house surrounding. Example: cat, dog, rabbit, duck, hen, cock, etc.


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