sunset at gili trawangan

Do you ever hear about gili trawangan? I believe that you have hear about it. almost foreigners who like adventure know and ever get trip to there. Gili trawangan is a small island in lombok, NTB. Lombok located at the east side of Bali Island. Gili Trawangan is a nature island, there is no motor at there, so if we want see surrounding just walk or you can rent bicycle or by cidomo (it is traditional transportation at lombok which pulled by horse) or we can run at morning or evening. it just need 1 hour. Gili with white sand has a beautiful view, like sunset, ocean, clean sky, at the living under sea. we can see it by snorkeling. don’t worry if you want to spend your night at there. we can rent room with different cost. the other facilitates like cafe, mini market, local shop, transportation agent and also agent which accompany you to get a great trip to see ocean life, like surfing, snorkeling, diving, etc and money charger.
to get there is so easy. we can use local ship from lombok to gili trawangan. it cost about 10 thousand each person. every 1 hour , there is one ship that get trip to gili trawangan. belong to the trip, we will see gili meno and gili air. they are like gili trawangan but smaller than gili trawangan.
so if you like traveling, I recommend you to go there

sunset at gili trawangan

sunset at gili trawangan


3 Responses

  1. tolong bagi infonya. saya sekarang kerja di bali. punya rencan pengen adventure ke lombok.

  2. tempat-tempat yang hemat buat nginep makan dll. rencananya pengen pake sepeda motor kesananya.thx

    • klo tempat hemat bt nginep, sy krg tau ya…kayaknya minimal 150rb permalam bt tempat nginepnya, waktu kesana nginep di bawah langit seh, beralasakan pasir pantai,..tu menurut km hemat, sangat hemat. pokoe prepare barang2 semua yg wajib dibawa, coz beli disana mahal bgt, dulu pernah beli CD buat simpen foto harga 1 CD 15rb. duh….

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